Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. was pleased to participate in collaboration with CCFI in FIGHTING IBD, a pioneering high-tech conference, focused on IBD-related interdisciplinary technologies, such as microbiota applied projects, molecular biology developments, clinically and commercially-applicable medical and pharmaceutical research, diagnostic kits, GI-targeting imaging technologies, medical devices, and patient-oriented cellular applications. 

FIGHTING IBD, initiated and led by CCFI, integrates the six fundamentally interconnected groups fighting IBD: MDsserving both (i) in central and peripheral hospitals and clinics, and (ii) in the front lines of applied medical research; government regulators, including the national health ministries and drug regulation administrations; patient associations; financing partners; big pharma companies; and the IBD-fighting innovators such as start-ups, along side small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who are all too frequently left out.

The principal role of FIGHTING IBD is hence two-fold: first, to proactively close gaps between the first five groups, the start-ups and SME investors, and second, to facilitate effective synergies between the interdisciplinary branches, in a collaborative fight against IBD.