In a recent series of interviews with The Marker, and  i 24 TV channel, Key Opinion Leaders Dr. Joe Wyse (Head of Patents), and Dr. Keren Hagai, (Head of Life Sciences) at Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. pointed out that today there are about 2,500 medical cannabis related patents, and about 20,000 are pending approval worldwide.

Drs Wyse and Hagai are pioneers in IP strategy and patent asset formation for this burgeoning area, with an ever growing pool of clients in Israel and overseas , especially the US and Europe. Joe Wyse says that Israel now punches well above her weight and is regarded as a key player on the world medical cannabis scene, with many direct channels of investment  opening  up including VC money, Angel money, private equity, patient groups and Big Pharma. The cumulative financial interest shown, especially by Big Pharma, is stimulating excellent Israeli companies to work well and rapidly. Even Israeli legislation, once regarded as sluggish,  is improving accessibility to treatments and trials, further stimulating Israeli research companies in a virtuous cycle.

Patent and IP portfolio assets are crucial in value enhancement, and those Israeli medical cannabis companies that have a coherent and sophisticated  approach to this now attract the attention (and funds) of serious investors and strategic partners.

Dr. Hagai adds that the Israeli academic research community is rapidly  recognizing the importance of medical cannabis, evidenced by very much increased research activity and patent activity. Wyse and Hagai note that a number of highly lucrative commercial ventures, backed firmly by IP assets, are springing up from Israeli Universities, Hospitals and the Agricultural research community.

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