A start-up IP is often the most important aspect of your start-up's property. Intellectual Property (IP) is often the how and why a business starts in the first place. Software, business plans, patentable products, ingenious algorithms and written materials all give business owners reasons to start a business, and are forms of IP. In the sharing age, businesses need to seek information protection across national boundaries, especially with software or other products that are easily accessed world-wide. 

World-Wide Products

With information technologies a key driving force in start-ups, often products, business plans, and distribution start with a global impact. 100 years ago, when industry was driving business, you did not have to seek IP protection across international boarders, because you controlled the manufacturing source. With manufacturing competition saturating the globe and information transferable via the internet in the click-of-a-button, a start-up's IP and other products start worldwide. 

International Start-Ups

When starting a company, you must not only seek to protect yourself internationally, but also ensure that your company is not violating another company's IP rights. As evidenced by the Apple vs. Samsung patent wars, producing a product that is protected by a foreign company's IP can result in international lawsuits, millions or billions of dollars in damages and litigation fees, and confusing legal wrangling across the globe. 

To prevent legal issues, it is imperative that businesses do proper IP searches to ensure that your big business idea is not a lawsuit-in-waiting. Before any business is conducted, before any paperwork is filed, ensure that there are no businesses with prior rights to your product. 

Specialized Help

If you are seeking to create a start-up with IP as your driving factor, finding a company with the right tools to guide you through IP discovery, protection and litigation is important from the start. Your partners need to be experienced in international property, and have the resources to pursue and defend your rights in any part of the globe.