Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. Ltd. provides high level service in the diverse area of IP: registration, counseling, copyright, trademarks, industrial design, transactions and litigation on behalf of domestic and international clients.

The firm was established with the intention to become Israel's go-to IP boutique and it has never compromised on "Claiming Success" for its clients.
At Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. we develop customized, targeted, secure and comprehensive patent strategies, focused on maximizing the benefits of new technologies and securing wide-ranging and cost-effective protection for our clients' inventions, discoveries and creations. We also approach trademark protection from the same broad strategic lens.
The firm's staff includes scientists, engineers, and lawyers, many with a Ph.D. degree in fields such as chemistry, biotechnology, physics and engineering from such distinguished universities as the Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Technion, Tel-Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Harvard University, Yale University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of London and Cambridge.
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